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Keeping an eye on the things that drive the IIoT 15/06/2021
Much of the excitement about the Industrial Internet of Things revolves around the data that can be generated. The ‘things’ that gather this data are often overshadowed. Suzanne Gill spoke to device vendors to get their thoughts on the value of ‘things. Full Story...

Whitepaper: Considerations For Using Large Diameter Coriolis Mass Flow Meters In Oil & Gas Applications 04/09/2017
Manufacturers have been launching larger Coriolis mass flowmeters to satisfy the requirement for mass flow measurement in larger line sizes for bulk fluid transfer applications in oil and gas, chemical or petrochemical industry segments. High-performance mass flow and density accuracy specifications of the Coriolis flow meters have made this technology more popular. Until recently, however, few manufacturers produced larger line size Coriolis flowmeters. Find out more in this whitepaper... Full Story...

Leak detection and localisation system for pipeline safety 02/07/2013
The use of pipelines is one of the safest and most economical transportation systems for fluids travelling long distances. However, cost-effectiveness and safety, both in new and existing pipelines, is put in jeopardy if reliable technology is not employed to ensure the rapid detection of any pipeline leaks. Control Engineering Europe reports on a recent development in leak detection. Full Story...

Coriolis benefits for oil and gas industry 06/12/2011
Andre Verdone, KROHNE business manager in Canada, discusses the advantages of Coriolis flowmeter technology in oil and gas measurement applications. Full Story...

Non–intrusive flow measurement where it’s really hot 08/03/2010
KROHNE has added a new sensor variant to its product range of clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters for measuring liquids: the new OPTISONIC 6300 XT for high temperature applications allows for a non-intrusive measurement of fluids with temperatures up to 200 deg C. Full Story...

Flow converter does diagnostics 11/03/2009
The IFC 100 an economical signal converter for Krohne’s Optiflux product family of electromagnetic flowmeters. Full Story...

Doing more than flow 30/11/2008
To compensate for fluctuations in pressure, temperature, viscosity, and density, flowmeters are taking extra sensors on board. Full Story...