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Intrinsically safe 5G smartphone 25/01/2024
Pepperl+Fuchs has launched the intrinsically safe Smart-Ex 03, a 5G- and Wi-Fi 6-enabled smartphone. Full Story...

Taking a holistic approach to process safety 22/09/2023
Process safety refers to the comprehensive measures taken to minimise risks and hazards in industrial processes, ensuring that they run reliably and without accidents or incidents. Full Story...

Welcoming safety over Ethernet to the field 14/02/2023
Ethernet-APL was developed to enable digital communication in process automation from the sensor to the control level. It has all the features required by a process automation network. A recent whitepaper argues that, to exploit the advantages of digitalisation, functionally safe automation should also be implemented utilising the same network architecture. Full Story...

The next steps for digitalisation 10/10/2022
With many industrial organisations now having taken their first digitalisation steps, Suzanne Gill finds out what the next big disruptor might be for the ongoing digital transformation of both the process and the manufacturing sectors. Full Story...

Ethernet-APL: Shaping the future of process industries 11/05/2021
From hazardous areas to the cloud: with ranges of up to 1,000 meters and transmission speeds of 10 Mbit/sec, EthernetAPL is paving the way for the Internet of Things in process automation. Existing installations can be used and existing plants can be modernized at low cost. Decades of experience make us a competent partner as you prepare for Industry 4.0. Full Story...

Pepperl+Fuchs becomes a founding member of the IDTA 13/10/2020
Pepperl+Fuchs is supporting the Industrial Digital Twin Association (IDTA). The association was established by the German trade associations ZVEI, VDMA, and Bitkom, along with 20 companies from the machine building and electronics industries. The aim is to increase use of Industry 4.0 through joint development of a ‘digital twin’. Full Story...