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ProSoft Technology Inc.
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Editorial archive;

Trustable Wireless solution, based on 802.11 standards 09/11/2010
While the number of adopters of industrial wireless is fast increasing worldwide, some Automation Engineers are still sceptical regarding security. Full Story...

Access your live process variables from your iPhone using ProSoft Technology Industrial Hotspots 28/09/2010
Using SweetWilliam Automation’s new ScadaMobile application for the iPhone platform, engineers can monitor and control values. Full Story...

ProSoft communication modules for Rockwell platform 24/05/2010
ProSoft Technology announces communication modules for the new Logix-XT control-platform from Rockwell Automation which has been designed for industrial automation applications in extreme environments. Full Story...

Wireless POINT I/O ILX34-AENWG 04/05/2010
ProSoft Technology develops the new Wireless POINT I/O modules for distributed automation applications. Full Story...

Bridging automation controllers ‘as it has never been done’ 02/01/2010
In every large industrial automation architecture, it is necessary to interface systems from different vendors, and multiple protocols have to get along with each others. As a result, PLC-to-PLC protocol interfacing for data transfers is inevitable. Full Story...

Tutorial: Working with "semi-wireless" instrumentation 21/10/2009
Will all wireless instrumentation really be completely wireless? Many devices are not suited to battery powering, so is removing just the data cable enough? What are your options for semi-wireless devices? Full Story...

Modbus to Profibus Gateway for Modicon M340 05/09/2009
ProSoft Technology® has released a new gateway designed with special features to better support and integrate with Schneider Electric® Modicon® M340TM processors. The new SE gateway, designated 5204SE-MNET-PDPMV1, uses Modbus TCP/IP protocol to connect an M340 with a Profibus DP-V1 Master. Full Story...