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Back to Basics 10/02/2009
Control Engineering explains the basics of process analysers and introduces two products for the analysis of gas. Full Story...

OPC Foundation to release analyser devices integration draft specification 22/10/2008
OPC Foundation members representing process analytical technology (PAT) and laboratory industries are extending OPC UA capabilities to enable multivendor interoperability for analyser devices. Progress has been made on the goals of a common method for data exchange, and a data model for process and laboratory analysers. OPC Foundation says it will release the OPC Analyser Devices Integration (ADI) draft specification for review in December 2008. Full Story...

Acquisition: Thermo Fisher targets India 12/06/2008
Waltham, USA based analytical instrument specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific has acquired certain divisions of Chemito Technologies. The purchase of analytical technologies and instrumental business divisions is a move hoped to strengthen Thermo Fisher’s presence in India. Full Story...