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Farmers make money from waste 23/02/2010
Farmers are using CC-Link fieldbus control to generate power from biogas extracted from slurry. The biogas is sent to fuel cogeneration plants and is ultimately used to heat buildings, power machinery or export it to the grid. Full Story...

Water station automates for precision 14/08/2008
A Water Pumping Station serving a major population centre says it now maintains its water reserves to precision levels, following automation of its CC-Link based control system so that water inflow and outflow are accurately matched. Full Story...

Innomech headquarters: CLPA controls eco building 23/05/2008
An eco-friendly company headquarters has been constructed with a CC-Link control network at its heart. In Ely, UK, GB Innomech’s building control is based on a PLC (programmable logic controller), an HMI (human machine interface) and distributed networked local controls. Full Story...