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Editorial archive;

Fast scanning finds new inspection applications 14/04/2023
Technology advances including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and faster microprocessors are conspiring to make line-scan camera technology a compelling option in a host of new application areas. Full Story...

Liquid lens camera technology 30/06/2015
Last year, PixeLINK, a global provider of industrial cameras for the machine vision and microscopy markets and provider of electrowetting liquid lens solutions, announced production of the world's first industrial cameras to include an electronic, focus-controllable liquid lens. Since production, this industrial camera has found applications in medical, inspection and security markets. Full Story...

3D imaging developments 01/05/2012
There can be no doubt that the use of 3D imaging for volumetric comparisons, volume measurements and bin picking of random parts is now a very real and growing part of the industrial vision market. Suzanne Gill reports on the developments in 3D imaging and asks whether the technology can offer real benefits. Full Story...