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RFID industry analysis 11/11/2019
The global annual survey of the RFID industry by IDTechEx has found that, in 2019, the number of passive RFID tags sold will increase by 13% over 2018. That includes passive RFID tags across the three main frequencies used (RAIN, HF and LF). Of those three frequencies RAIN RFID will see the highest growth from 2018 to 2019 at 20% with HF RFID (including NFC) at 5% and LF at 2%. Full Story...

Enthusiasm for energy harvesting returns 18/06/2013
Raghu Das, CEO at IDTechEx comments on the apparent increase in interest in energy harvesting technology. Full Story...

Wireless sensor networks: Next 10 years 02/03/2010
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs), self-organising, self-healing networks of small "nodes," have huge potential across industrial, military, and other many other sectors, according to IDTechEx. Full Story...

RFID is latest fashion accessory 11/08/2009
The use of RFID in the fashion world has exploded, according to Peter Harrop, chairman of research and consultancy firm, IDTechEx. In this report he says that adoption accelerated in 2009, particularly for brands and retail. Full Story...