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Achieving performance improvements with CC-Link IE

When Dansk Træemballage A/S (DTE) looked at how to increase the precision and productivity of its sawmill one of its major challenges was to establish the right automation control network. Find out how this issue was overcome.
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TSCH network at semiconductor wafer fabrication facility

Analog Devices’ Power by Linear Group’s TSCH-based SmartMesh IP has been deployed at a wafer fabrication (fab) facility in Silicon Valley to monitor pressure for hundreds of specialty gas cylinders used in the various etching and cleaning stages of wafer fabrication.
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Compact DC motor control aids environmental monitor

Monitoring equipment is used to inspect the air in pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturing sites where a sterile environment is paramount.


  1. 30/10/2017 SCADA brings new levels of sophistication to paint spraying machines

    Users of paint spraying machines are benefiting from easier set-up, reduced downtime, and an assurance of future proofing since the addition of Progea’s Movicon SCADA.

  2. 10/09/2017 Machine manufacturer boosts productivity with integral control concept

    Falu AG specialises in the manufacture of machines for producing and packaging cotton swabs, pads and non-woven cotton products. For its new punching machine, the company relies on solutions from Siemens for control, drive and engineering functions, allowing it to increase production speed and drive down manufacturing costs.

  3. 22/04/2016 Fully-automating wheelbarrow production

    Ingenium Integration, an engineering design consultancy, has developed a multifunction automated production cell for H & E Knowles, a UK-based wheelbarrow manufacturer. The cell is designed to speed the production of wheelbarrow full and part frames by eliminating many of the labour-intensive aspects of production. 

  4. 01/09/2015 Variable speed drives help regulate energy consumption

    Quintex Energy Management Systems, a developer and supplier of demand-based ventilation control systems for commercial kitchens, has used over 6,000 VACON AC variable speed drives (VSDs) in its energy management and safety control systems.

  5. 11/08/2015 Variable speed drives help improve machine productivity

    Render Technology, an Italian manufacturer of end-of-line handling and palletising machines for the packaging market, has aligned itself with Emerson’s Control Techniques for drives. 

  6. 24/03/2015 Control solution withstands temperature extremes

    Unitronics distributor, MSI Tec, was tasked with designing a panel to control natural gas engines at the City of Tucson’s well pumps.  The control panels would need to be installed at 43 sites around the city. 

  7. 30/09/2014 Motor overcomes reliability challenges

    A company producing extruded PVC-U profiles for double-glazing product applications is using ABB’s synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motor to cut the number of motor failures on two of its main extruders.

  8. 25/03/2014 Fast-acting failsafe actuator

    A recent example of customised valve actuators from Rotork-Hiller, was the result of a requirement to build a fast-acting failsafe stop valve actuator for a plant firefighting system that demanded an exceptionally innovative design solution.

  9. 04/03/2014 Higher performance and energy saving in warehouse systems

    Objectives for the development of viaspeed’s new mini-load system was to achieve higher product throughput and availability, requiring less storage space and lower energy usage. Drive technology played a central role in reaching the performance targets.

  10. 11/02/2014 Integrated automation solution offers enhanced diagnostics

    An integrated automation solution has helped a machine builder improve production flexibility and control and has enhanced diagnostics for an end-customer.

  11. 03/12/2013 Putting a cap on traceability issues

    Traceability of product, reliability of performance and ongoing support are the key components of a recent project undertaken by Siemens Industry for Precision Engineering, a UK-based machine builder who manufactures the world renowned Dico capping and Gravfil liquid filling brands.

  12. 08/10/2013 Fast pump testing with variable-speed drives

    Flowserve, a provider of fluid motion and control products and services, is using variable-speed drives (VSDs) and motors from ABB for quick and easy testing of its new pump variants at different speeds.

  13. 01/10/2013 Condition monitoring solution for refurbished blast furnace

    Turbo-blowers and their control systems are a vital component of the steel making process. Condition monitoring company, Sensonics, has recently been involved in a project involving the relighting of a blast furnace at the SSI steelworks in Redcar, on Teeside.

  14. 17/09/2013 Safety first for electric axis bending machine

    Siemens Industry’s Safety Services team has supported AddisonMckee, a manufacturer of tube bending and end forming technologies through the development and launch of a new electric axis bending machine by offering a comprehensive safety assessment, consultancy and validation process.

  15. 27/08/2013 High-speed electronic axis spices up automation

    When PCE Automation was challenged with designing a new handling system for automating the manufacture of a brand new concept of spice jar lid by plastics manufacturer RPC Halstead, it turned to Festo for technology and advice.

  16. 28/05/2013 Lean Connectivity solution offers wiring cost savings and more

    Schaltanlagenbau Gormanns was responsible for the electrical power supply and drive and automation concept for a fully automated potato sorting plant which formed part of a new building project. For this project, the company employed SmartWire-DT technology from Eaton. It has offered cabling cost-savings with improved troubleshooting capabilities.

  17. 24/04/2013 Robotic machine solution solves coupling handling issues

    A new custom-designed product handling system, designed and developed by Linkx Systems, and which incorporates a KUKA robot, is delivering productivity gains and enhanced process consistency for MP Eastern, a supplier of anodising and electroplating services.

  18. 01/03/2013 Helping Seba Developments to keep temperature under control

    Compact temperature controllers supplied by Omron have been employed by Seba Developments, a UK-based manufacturer of heating equipment for the industrial and craft markets.

  19. 21/11/2012 Ensuring surgical light quality through Data Matrix code readers

    Germany company, Berchtold GmbH & Co. KG, manufactures surgical lights. To ensure rigorous quality standards are met for 100% of the lights manufactured, the company relies on processes for complete traceability of all production steps and product components. This is accomplished by reading Data Matrix codes for the main components using DataMan 8100 industrial ID readers from Cognex.

  20. 14/11/2012 HMI/SCADA solution for pharmaceutical packaging equipment

    Machine builder, Bausch + Ströbel, is now using zenon from COPA-DATA as a company-wide platform for process and information management. It is using the HMI/SCADA solution for machine operation, logging operational data and the control and monitoring of individual machines and production lines for the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industry.