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Automated packaging verification solution results in increased productivity

Find out how a seafood company gained a 50% improvement in productivity since installation of an automated verification solution to protect its packaging lines.
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Pass the vol-au-vents!

When Sfoglia Torino, an Italian manufacturer of pastries, identified a need to speed up production on the line making vol-au-vent cases, it began discussions with a local systems integrator to help it find a suitable solution.
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PLCs address malting process reliability issues

A new control system has offered malting company, Crisp, some impressive process improvements.


  1. 07/08/2018 Oat producer sets out on its mission to use data for operational improvements

    A UK-based oat producer has enhanced its maintenance practices, minimised downtime, and made significant cost savings by employing Maintenance Management Software (MMS) from Idhammar.

  2. 24/11/2017 An automated warehouse - but not as you know it

    Most of us would recognise Ocado as the world’s largest online-only grocery retailer – shipping more than 260,000 orders every week to customers around the UK. However, as Suzanne Gill recently found out, there is far more to the company than one might, at first, think.

  3. 22/05/2017 Drive systems: helping reduce the energy bill

    Energy represents both an environmental challenge and a competitiveness issue for many processing operations as, on average, it is the second biggest production cost after raw materials. Because motors account for almost 70% of the electrical consumption of a production site, motorised applications are an important source of potential savings.

  4. 18/04/2017 Achieving more accurate fryer control

    For a producer of tortilla chip snacks the complex interaction between controlling the temperature, cooking time and oil replenishment of its fryers is critical to maintaining the high quality of its tortilla chip snacks.

  5. 06/12/2016 Retrofit control and HMI solution for biomass boiler

    Steam is an important component of meat processing and when Djurdjevic, a Serbian meat production company, wanted to automate the boiler it uses to produce steam the company needed to ensure that its control solution would be efficient and safe.

  6. 23/10/2016 SCADA solution adapts well to change

    A flexible SCADA solution has been specified to help keep tabs on the constantly evolving plant and processes at Highland Grains.

  7. 14/06/2016 Capacitance sensor solves foam level measurement problem

    William Grant & Sons Distillers are the producers of Glenfiddich single malt whisky which has been created, since 1866, at the Dufftown Distillery in Scotland.

  8. 16/12/2014 Improving productivity and efficiency in bakeries

    Productivity and profit margins in the food processing industry tend to be lower in comparison to those in other processing industries and to remain competitive many operations are looking for opportunities to increase efficiency in production while at the same time reducing energy consumption.

  9. 22/07/2014 Robotic solution increases cheese packing productivity

    The introduction of palletizing robots has enabled dramatically increased production levels for one of Britain’s oldest cheesemakers.

  10. 15/07/2014 Inverter’s stall-prevention feature keeps ice cream moving

    A frequency inverter with stall prevention has helped improve efficiency and performance for a range of traditional ice cream making machines, ensuring less product waste and offering savings on energy and water usage for users.

  11. 06/05/2014 Supervising tanks for Veuve Clicquot

    Champagne house Veuve Clicquot now has a smart system that supervises fermentation in 400 fermentation tanks which store its champagne.

  12. 28/05/2013 Drive helps nearly double beer production capacity

    A new beer racking plant, supplied by brewery design company, Microdat, has increased capacity at a UK-based brewery to 300 firkins (9 gallon casks) per hour. The power transmission solutions were supplied by Lenze.

  13. 30/04/2013 Blue detectable energy chain and hygienic cables for the food industry

    igus UK has launched two new blue products, aimed at the food processing industry, which enable manufacturers to produce food that is safe for consumption.

  14. 09/10/2012 Drive helps improve mixing capabilities for biscuit manufacturer

    A UK-based biscuit manufacturer has succeeded in improving the quality of its products and potentially reducing the amount of wastage caused by the use of aging slip-ring motors. It has also improved its ability to develop new products, following the installation of a new drive on one of its dough mixers.

  15. 25/05/2012 Temperature monitoring in a flour milling process for safety

    Calex has designed a temperature monitoring and alarming system for a flour milling company to help prevent fires and explosions.

  16. 07/03/2012 Wurzburger Hofbräu brews up a storm

    The introduction of a Siemens brewery process control system Braumat has enabled the Hofbräu brewery in Wurzburg, Germany to modernise its fermenting and storage cellar operations.

  17. 07/03/2012 Decentralised pneumatics system offers production cost savings

    Ice-cream manufacturer, GB Glace, part of the Unilever Group, has reduced costs and boosted process quality thanks to the implementation of a decentralised pneumatics concept. The GB Glace site in Flen, Sweden is one of the company’s ten European ice-cream production sites. It produces around 45 million litres of ice cream every year.

  18. 20/12/2011 IE3 motors promise impressive energy savings for odour control facility

    High-efficiency, IE3 class motors look set to save a UK-based pet food manufacturer around £26,000 per year on energy costs for a new odour control facility.

  19. 01/11/2011 Measuring viscosity of ketchup and cosmetics

    A device that is said to be able to measure and predict how liquids flow under different conditions aims to ensure that consumer products are of the right consistency.

  20. 10/10/2011 MES – meeting the need for improved food safety

    Steve Diggines, business leader – Europe at STICORP, discusses the US Modernization Act and considers its impact on European based food and beverage manufacturers that export to the US.