New NAMUR solenoid valves

13 August 2015

Festo has launched a new generation of NAMUR valves. The VSNC valves are available at a lower cost than previous models.

The valve range offers a choice of coils suitable for many applications across a wide range of industries including chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, water & wastewater and food processing. Coils are available with intrinsic safety as well as with other protection methods such as non-sparking and encapsulated protection all to IEC EX (ATEX).

“The VSNC valve is also ideal for dirty environments due to its re-breather function,” explained Jacqui Hanbury, product marketing manager at Festo. “This allows the clean compressed air to be fed back to the spring chambers within the valve ensuring that the dirty air is kept out, which increases the life of the product. In addition this can work in reverse in a clean or food environment, allowing the compressed air from inside the valve to not reach the clean environment around it.”

Rotating seals fit different applications
One valve within the new range offers both 3/2 or 5/2- way functions. This is achieved by rotating one single seal. This means there are no additional seals shipped with the product that have to be kept safe until required. With the VSNC the function can be quickly and easily changed with no additional parts. This allows machine builders and maintenance engineers to reduce stock and associated costs as they can now carry just one valve for use across a wide range of applications. 

Various types of coils
The VSNC is robust, with flow rates of 1000 l/min and offers an extended temperature range of -20°C - +60°C. Coils are available in seven different voltages including AC and DC variants and with IP65 protection.

The valves are available in two versions: a standard unit with plastic covers and a brass solenoid armature tube or a second valve with stainless steel solenoid armature tube and an aluminium body. Both types are ex stock. 

More information is available from Festo’s new online shop which offers next day delivery for a range of core products:

Click link for more details about NAMUR valves.

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