2D/3D blue laser sensors for shiny surfaces

11 August 2015

Designed for shiny, highly polished surfaces, as well as transparent materials such as plastics, glass, optical components and film/substrates, a new range of 2D/3D blue laser profile sensors (laser line scanners) are now available from Micro-Epsilon. 

The scanCONTROL BL series of blue laser profile sensors operate using blue (violet) laser technology rather than red. The blue wavelength laser light make the scanners suitable for measuring against shiny, highly polished metals, as well as red-hot glowing metals and silicon-based materials. 

All the controls and electronics are integrated within a lightweight, compact sensor design, enabling the scanners to be installed in locations where there may be little space available for mounting. 

Output of measurement data is via Ethernet (UDP, Modbus) or serial interface (RS422, Modbus). In addition, analogue signals or digital switching signals can be output directly to a PLC. Profile frequencies of up to 2,000Hz and a measuring rate of up to 2,560,000 points/sec enable the sensors to be used in high speed applications.

All scanCONTROL series sensors (blue and red) are equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet interface for transferring profile data, as well as a multi-purpose connector for RS422, Digital In (HTL/TTL), power supply and synchronisation. The sensors support Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), which reduces the need for an additional power cable.

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