Cost-effective DCS for smaller plants

14 July 2015

Mitsubishi Electric and ME-Automation Projects, part of the Mitsubishi Electric Group, are set to launch a new distributed control system, the PMSX micro, designed for smaller scale applications. 

PMSX micro runs on a single industrial computer, delivering control technology in an inexpensive and easily engineered package. It will be available in two formats – a conventional tower PC with a separate 22in monitor, or a panel PC with an integrated 21.5in full HD display. The system displays a status overview of the entire plant using process graphics, and provides a graphical interface for operators to interrogate details of the system state and make alterations to parameters as required.

The system includes a comprehensive integrated alarm and event system. When alarms occur, the operator is able to navigate directly to the relevant process graphic, allowing for a fast and appropriate response to production events. The system also records events and messages securely and in the correct sequence in a database, allowing process flows to be traced in the event of production problems or following changes to the plant. Operators can add annotations or comments to events, which are retained for subsequent analysis. The system includes built in maintenance functions, as well as a wide range of analysis options to help operators understand process data and improve plant performance.

The solution is designed for machines, processes and plants that would benefit from the functionality of a distributed control system but where the cost and complexity of a full-scale system would be difficult to justify. 

The system is suitable for applications with around 1,000 analogue or digital inputs and outputs across three to five separate automation stations. It is also deployable in applications that currently use Mitsubishi Electric controls and where additional control engineering functions are required.

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