Laser sensor said to set new standards in distance sensing

30 June 2015

The compact DT50-2 PRO, from Sick is said to offer a next-generation laser sensor which combines high-performance distance sensing with good resolution object profile detection at distances of up to 30m.

The patented HDDM time of flight technology is said to provider the sensor with resilient performance even in challenging environments. 
 The laser sensors is able to perform multiple functions and has a range of up to 10m for a black object and up to 30m for a white object.  Its ability to detect simple profiles is combined with scanning up to 3000 times a second to ensure consistency even with fast moving objects and adverse light conditions.
The compact SICK DT50-2 PRO is protected in a metal-housed to IP67 and is suited to use in an operating temperature range of from -40 degrees C to +65 degrees C.  
Consistency in distance and positioning sensing is assured with repeatability to 0.5mm according to the company. Cross talk and interference between sensors has also been eliminated so that multiple sensor set ups are easy to achieve.  An on-board display includes settings to indicate distance value and signal strength.

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