Hot-swoppable I/O for hazardous area applications

02 June 2015

Turck Banner is now able to offer an I/O family in the UK, that is suited to use in zone 1 and in zone 2 as well as in non-Ex areas, offering the benefits of standardised configuration and hot-swopping capabilities.

The Excom system consists of power modules, PROFIBUS-DP communication gateways, I/O modules and a backplane rack. The backplane rack is available in two sizes, with support for 8 or 16 I/O modules. While the I/O modules provide the interface to hazardous area field devices, the backplane distributes power to the I/O from the power supply, without the need for a separate field supply.

The gateways, power supplies and I/O cards can be plugged into the backplane rack, with all power, PROFIBUS-DP and I/O wiring separate from the removable modules. The I/O modules can also be changed during operation with the system automatically checking to ensure that any newly inserted module matches the configuration.

The hot swopping capability provided on the Excom I/O system can offer huge benefits allowing the system to be serviced and changed at any time. Both the I/O modules, and the power supply modules can be plugged and unplugged while in operation, even in zone 1 environments, without interrupting the field communication.

The power supplies can be removed and replaced without the need for any special precautions. The action of removing any one of the retaining screws interrupts an intrinsically safe monitoring circuit which forms part of the backplane and this internally de-energises the output supply relays and removes the current, before the power supply can be unplugged. 

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