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Achieve your full energy savings potential

12 May 2015

Identifying where energy is consumed in your plant and where it could be saved is a challenge that many process manufacturers face. With the right people and technology at your side, you can realise energy savings of up to 20%. 

Energy is one of the largest variable costs for a plant and also the most controllable expense. You may want to improve your efficiency and bottom line, but where should you begin? It is a major challenge to pinpoint where energy is being consumed and where it could be saved. Being faced with this challenge many process manufacturers find themselves without tangible solutions. Meanwhile management is demanding lower costs and the operations department needs dependable systems.

Another influencing factor is that European Directives require emission reduction of 20%. The European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) 20/20/20 targets are:
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20%
Improve energy efficiency by 20%
Increase the amount of energy derived from renewable resources to 20%

These requirements must be met by 2020 and encourage the adoption of best practice methodologies for energy management systems, and regular energy performance plant reviews by accredited auditors.

The Smart Energy Management Solutions Pack from Emerson will help you to:
• Prioritise your top five energy measurements
• Learn why each priority is important and what can be done to achieve energy savings
• Read how your peers have taken action — and the savings they have gained
• Find out what type of data is needed to identify and analyse process inefficiencies
• Understand the common characteristics of an effective energy management programme
• Learn about the unexpected `bonus benefit’ of an energy management programme

Within any typical process plant nearly 32% of energy input is lost before reaching its intended purpose. 
Even small energy inefficiencies that are difficult to detect, cumulatively can waste millions of Euros. 
Far too much energy and money are being wasted.

A strategic approach to process energy measurement is the first step to sustainable efficiency. Some plants are registering annual energy saving of up to 10-20% using real-time automated steam trap monitoring. This is just one small action that can deliver big returns.

Emerson offers a range of solutions ranging from measurement instrumentation, a set of devices designed to detect process inefficiencies and simplify data collection and documentation, through to  full energy management information systems. With the possibility to also work alongside current energy management approaches potentially already in place, you can still achieve an additional 5 to 15% savings and achieve regulatory compliance by identifying and helping correct the small inefficiencies that typically go unaddressed.

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