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driven Magazine: Off to new worlds

28 April 2015

Tough missions await for drives in space - A rover looking for life on Mars, a robot exploring lunar caves, and a probe flying very close to the sun. The latest edition of driven, the maxon motor magazine is dedicated to exciting space missions and shows the brutal conditions under which DC motors must operate.

Alien yet fascinating, our solar system is full of mysteries just waiting to be uncovered. The latest edition of the magazine driven, (magazine.maxonmotor.com) which is now available, deals entirely with outer space. Learn everything about the planned robot missions to Mars, the Google race to the moon, and the risky journey to the sun.

You can also read about how maxon prepares its drives for the tough conditions in space at its in-house laboratory, and about the technologies that are going to enhance the International Space Station (ISS) in the future. Also: which DC motor is the right one for your application? By means of an example,driven explains what aspects you have to consider when selecting a drive.

Furthermore, in a guest column, the internationally renowned exoplanet researcher, Sara Seager, writes about how scientists want to discover new, remote planets.

Now also in the Windows App Store driven appears as a tablet magazine in German and English and can be downloaded for free in the App Store, through Google Play, and now also on in the Windows App Store.

Do you prefer the printed edition? Then order your own copy free of charge now.

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