Safety light curtains with integrated AS-i interface

07 November 2014

The MLC series safety light curtains from  Leuze electronic are now available with an inte-grated AS-i Safety interface.

The MLC safety light curtains can, therefore, now be integrated directly into the AS-Interface network without the need for additional coupler modules. 

This applies for all resolutions from 14 to 90 mm, all protective field heights from 300 to 1,800 mm and all host-guest systems with flexible cable connections that can also be firmly attached for L- and U-shape designs. 

The Leuze electronic AS-i sensor portfolio already includes single beam safety devices and multiple light beam safety devices with beam spacings of 300 mm, 400 mm and 500 mm as transmitter-receiver versions and transceiver systems.

Especially when it comes to muting, the direct AS-i connection allows very convenient solutions for users who place an emphasis on economy. In cooperation with the Leuze electronic safety monitor ASM-m, the safety sensors allow to easily create applications with muting based on AS-i Safety at Work. The ASM-m safety monitor controls the muting sequence.

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