Intermediate position module with through-travel

28 October 2014

Freely positionable along the entire stroke length, the DADM intermediate position module, from Festo, offers greater flexibility and efficiency to pneumatic guided slides, rodless cylinders and ‘self-built’ drives. 

The module can be positioned anywhere along the actuator’s stroke length enabling stops to be created where they are required. The follow-through travel feature enables faster cycle times after an intermediate stop.
The DADM is aimed at OEM handling, assembly and pick & place applications which require an intermediate stop. The off-the-shelf module offers a compact and cost-effective alternative for the creation of a mid-position – either to ‘piggy back’ two cylinders on top of one another, which is expensive and bulky, or possibly choosing an electric drive, which may be more complex and expensive than required.
“The travel-through feature of the DADM is unique, eliminating the need to ‘back-off’ to continue along the stroke,” said Steve Sands, product manager, Festo. “For high-speed production machinery, where the aggregation of marginal gains is a key focus, each fraction of a second saved makes a significant impact on the overall cycle time. Previous intermediate stops required the thrust of the cylinder to be reduced to enable the stop mechanism to be retracted before the movement could be completed.

"Through careful design of the geometry, we have been able to provide a robust stop cam that can be retracted under load, saving valuable cycle time and simplifying the controls and programming.”

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