Pressure and temperature sensors

08 October 2014

Sensor-Technik UK manufacture and supply a variety of electronic sensors that can be integrated into many different industries.

The robust pressure sensor range offered by the company is constructed predominantly from stainless steel. The thin-film pressure sensors are said to be extremely stable over long periods due to the combination of materials used and the manufacturing processes involved. They are highly resistant to shock, vibration and dynamic pressure changes and can be implemented to measure very high-pressure ranges.  

Thin-film sensor applications include hydraulic facilities, control systems and chemical and processing engineering facilities. The F01 sensor is a latest addition to the range and is said to be well suited to use in mobile applications, where safety compliance is a prime consideration.
The company’s range of silicon pressure sensors are suitable for measuring absolute pressure and very low pressure ranges. The main applications for this range is for use in industrial measurement and testing facilities, process control and hydraulic and pneumatic facilities. The L03 pressure sensor has a flush stainless steel diaphragm and is ideally suited for measurement, regulation and controlling functions in the food and beverage industry.
A range of ceramic pressure sensors offer very high resistance to corrosion, making them suitable for use in low power applications designed for long-term field use, such as battery operated equipment. They have also been deployed successfully in pneumatic, hydraulic and chemical systems.
A more specialised sensor, the CAN-Bus pressure sensor is designed to be integrated into a Controller Area Network (CAN). Typically it would be used in off-highway applications such as in construction, agricultural, municipal – as well as other systems operating within a Controller Area Network such as mobile hydraulic systems and industrial applications. 

The inclination sensor, the NGS2, manufactured by the company is a combination sensor that measures angular velocity and inclination in 3 axes. Primary applications for the NGS2 would find applications in mobile work machines and off-highway vehicles. 

A Temperature sensor offered by the company is able to measure temperatures from -40°C to +150°C and is effective for a range of demanding applications in mobile machines, industrial vehicles and industrial process control, for example.

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