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Emerson’s pressure regulators cut costs and downtime

23 September 2014

OEM customer equipment such as compressors, turbines and pumps need constant and consistent oil lubrication. Oil lubrication is vital to the life of the bearings and bearing cages of these applications. This pressurised oil lubricates and removes heat from the equipment bearings and provides stability to rotor systems. 

Both over-lubrication and under-lubrication can lead to bearing failure, meaning significant equipment damage and downtime. During over-lubrication, equipment bearings consume energy to plough through the additional lubricant, causing unwanted heating. The lubricant can also lose some of its viscosity as the temperature increases, forming varnish and coke, whose particles cause huge damage to the OEM equipment. Insufficient oil leads to under-lubrication, causing overheating, subsequent wear and potentially bearing or bearing cage failure.

What if you can accurately and reliably control the lubrication of your valuable equipment, increase their service life and avoid downtime?

Emerson Process Management’s pressure regulator solution: Fisher MR105 pressure reducing regulator and MR108 backpressure regulator can maintain constant oil pressure. Due to their high speed of response and linear speed, when necessary, they are able to withstand the rapid increase and decrease of oil pressure created by the lubrication oil system pumps during start-up and as a result of switching between pumps. 

It is common in the oil, gas and chemical industries to use electronically monitored lubrication oil systems, which constantly measure the pressure of the lubrication oil circulating through the OEM equipment. While this protects from over and under-lubrication, the monitoring system will trip the OEM equipment should lubrication oil pressure fluctuate outside a tight pressure tolerance limit. A tripped system means equipment downtime. The unequalled speed of response of Emerson regulators maintains oil pressure within those tight tolerances to avoid costly and time-consuming downtime and start-up. 

For additional information on the Emerson Lube Oil Pressure Regulator, go to: http://www.documentation.emersonprocess.com/groups/public/documents/product_fliers/d351887x012.pdf

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