Unified supply chain management software for hydrocarbon industry

23 September 2014

Schneider Electric has introduced a unified supply chain management solution for the hydrocarbon processing industry.

Built on the SimSci Spiral Suite platform, the new offering is said to close the value gaps left by poorly integrated legacy tools. By improving collaboration across the refinery, Spiral Suite software helps traders, planners and schedulers make reliable decisions, manage risks and ultimately increase profitability.

Spiral Suite is said to transform the refinery business environment from being a place where hundreds of people work in isolation – not seeing or understanding how their bits of individual work contribute to the whole – into a place where workers first see and understand how their decisions impact others and then cooperate to collectively unlock the maximum value of their economic forecasts. 

The latest developments to the Spiral Suite toolset is said to improve understanding and cooperation between traders, planners and schedulers and replaces several disjointed point solutions with a single, easy-to-use application. It helps increase transparency and collaboration across different business groups, enabling users to make the best overall decisions for safety and profitability while taking better advantage of new opportunities presented by the market.

Commenting on the move, Peter Reynolds, senior consultant with ARC Advisory Group, said: “With Spiral Suite, even novice planners can be up and running within a week, rather than after a year of training it would normally take with heritage products. In an industry where challenges are coming from every direction, companies risk losing out if they continue to apply outdated work processes that rely on experts. In some cases, optimised production planning is only achieved through knowledge held by a small number of people and naturally collaborative working relationships. As these experts retire, more companies are looking to invest in a sustainable solution that supports the younger, more mobile workforce. Spiral Suite offers exceptional ease-of-use, meaning users can perform all the necessary analytics and backcasting to make profitable, risk-adjusted feedstock purchasing and refinery planning decisions within weeks of licensing.”

Spiral Suite takes advantage of the features of modern processors, exploiting multi-core and cloud environments to generate results in seconds and then presenting them in a way that is easy for everyone to understand. Users can explore the business and operational implications of millions of scenarios and receive real-time feedback on how their changes would impact the rest of the supply chain. 

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