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ProSoft Technology expands its PLX30 family of gateways

16 September 2014

Need to connect a Schneider Electric PAC to a Rockwell Automation PAC? How about a Siemens PAC to a Rockwell Automation PAC? Or a Schneider Electric PAC to a Siemens PAC? Our PLX30 gateways enable high-speed bi-directional data transfers between these and other devices.

The new gateways support EtherNet/IP to Modbus TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP to Siemens Industrial Ethernet, and Modbus TCP/IP to Siemens Industrial Ethernet and join ProSoft Technology’s PLX30 family.

Because the new gateways feature independent Ethernet ports that let each protocol reside on a separate subnet, users have the freedom to pass information between subnets without the added hassle of changing an IP address. The gateways come with a utility that simplifies connecting to the gateways the first time.

The EtherNet/IP-enabled gateways include an embedded EDS Add-On Profile, offering Rockwell Automation users simplified integration and a reduced commissioning time. These gateways also use multiple I/O connections that allow users to send data such as control and diagnostic data at different update times to optimize their Ethernet bandwidth. Training videos are also available to get you up and running quickly.

All of the gateways include an SD card slot for storing configuration files, which can be used for disaster recovery.

For more information on ProSoft Technology’s PLX30 family of gateways, click here!

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