Energy performance analytics software

09 September 2014

Yokogawa Electric Corporation is set to release Energy Performance Analytics (EP-Analytics), a software tool that uses energy performance indicators (EnPI) to track how energy is being consumed in a plant, identifies gaps between EnPI targets and actual performance, and helps to identify countermeasures to improve energy performance. 

The EP-Analytics software is powered by the Visual MESA energy management and optimisation solution.

In 2013, Yokogawa took a stake in Soteica Visual MESA, a supplier of energy management systems for utility facilities at large industrial complexes. Through this partnership, Yokogawa is now able to offer the Visual MESA solution to its customers.

The EP-Analytics plant energy performance visualisation software is based on Yokogawa's knowhow in production processes and operations, and is powered by Soteica's Visual MESA energy management and optimisation technology.

By visualising and tracking energy consumption in individual units, inefficiencies can be identified and located. The EP-Analytics software runs on a workstation connected via an OPC interface to the control system, giving it access to pressure, temperature, flow rate, and other plant data. Based on the Visual MESA simulation engine, the EP-Analytics software uses rigorous ‘first principle’ models to track energy flows throughout the plant and calculate the energy performance for each individual process unit and piece of equipment. 

The software also compares actual performance against expected energy performance to pinpoint underperforming units and equipment, and this information can be used to plan specific counter measures.

EP-Analytics' calculation engine uses first principle modelling to precisely calculate how much energy is being consumed by turbines, boilers, and other plant systems and equipment. It also calculates the mass balance of the steam and other forms of energy that are supplied to the production processes, and thus can quantify energy losses and other imbalances in the overall system.

EP-Analytics is designed to support manufacturers' roll-out of ISO50001. The EP-Analytics software supports ISO50001 methodologies such as the ‘plan-do-check-act’ (PDCA) cycle as well as activities such as management reviews. 

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has assessed the EP-Analytics software scope and functionality with regard to the key requirements of the ISO50001:2011E standard. BSI confirms that it is faithfully represented in a Yokogawa report elaborating the functionalities of EP-Analytics and that it can be used to reliably visualise data and achieve conformity with ISO50001:2011E.

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