Integrated production control system with enhanced alarm and batch functions

22 July 2014

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has released CENTUM VP R5.04, an enhanced version of its integrated production control system. Features of the new version include enhanced alarm and batch functions.

The enhanced alarm function is said to improve operational safety, and the enhanced batch function is designed to meet the requirements of industries, such as speciality chemicals.

With the CENTUM system, a prominently coloured tag mark is displayed on the HMI screen next to any measurement reading that falls outside the normal range. With CENTUM VP R5.04, these coloured tag marks now come in a variety of easily recognisable shapes that indicate the importance of a measurement item and the severity of an anomaly. 

New audible alarms have also been added to provide information on the severity and equipment location of an anomaly. Through the use of colour, shape, and sound, operators can quickly and intuitively recognise the significance of a specific alarm, allowing for improved operational safety.

With batch process manufacturing, a recipe needs to be defined for each product. A recipe consists of a procedure and a formula. The procedure is a description of particular processes such as feed and temperature control that will be employed, while the formula specifies feed quantity, temperature, and the like. While procedures and formulas are usually defined separately, it can help, in certain batch applications if both can be defined together on the same screen. The CENTUM VP R5.04 batch function has been enhanced by adding this capability, and this allows end users to efficiently perform the engineering required for each definition method.

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