Oil analysis service aims to reduce machinery downtime

14 July 2014

Contaminated oil has been identified as a key cause of hydraulic system failure, which can lead to machine failure and critical production downtime.

To help manufacturers tackle this issue, Bosch Rexroth has launched a new oil analysis service that will allow service and maintenance engineers to spot potential issues early and avoid costly repairs and downtime.
The service will provide results within 48 hours and benefits from an online portal that enables engineers to track and trend results over time, allowing for the prediction and prevention of issues.
Explaining the new service, Chris Gray, filtration product manager for Bosch Rexroth, said: “For many maintenance and production engineers there simply isn’t the time and resource needed to conduct the regular checks needed to identify issues before it becomes too late. The result can range from pump failure through to issues with servo drives and malfunctioning valves, which cause unplanned machinery downtime and potentially costly repairs or the need to replace components entirely. Typical contaminants can include welding residue, solid particles that enter via piston rods or poor seals and vents, or can even be generated during the working life of a drive via seal abrasion or chemical erosion.
“Our oil analysis service takes on the responsibility for the health of a machine in a bid to ensure that it is available 100% of the time. When you consider that the cost of replacing an average sized pump is approximately £5,000, and an oil analysis report costs just £25 the financial argument really begins to stack up.”

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