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Looking for a cost effective, reliable PLC?

01 July 2014

Do you need full PLC functionality with the added benefit of an onboard, colour-touchscreen HMI? Do you want free programming environment and free technical support? These are all possible with Unitronics’ Vision570 PLC + HMI, which is continuing to gain success across the globe.

With over three years of growing market success as well as being a featured category winner in Control Engineering 2013 Engineer’s Choice Awards, this flat fascia controller continues to gain popularity all over the world in many industries including packaging, medical, gas, HVAC, food, dairy, chemical, wastewater, boiler and more.  

This power-PLC is IP65/IP66 rated; making it’s fully flat, 5.7in QVGA, 16bit-colour TFT touchscreen fascia a perfect fit wherever spray or wipe-down applications are required. On-board I/Os can be added by simply snapping a module onto the back of the PLC. Snap-in I/O Modules come in several varieties of configurations to fit each specific application, such as digital, high-speed, and analog, as well as direct temperature measurement inputs. I/O expansion modules also enable integration of up to 1000 I/Os per Vision PLC. 

The Vision570-J offers a sophisticated range of embedded features such as 24 auto-tuned PID loops, SD card memory storage for data logging, recipes, and excel spreadsheets (.csv). In addition, there is an easily configurable internal data table that can be segmented for multiple purposes- such as recipes, communications data, and many software tools to separate and sort through these tables.

Communication options include TCP/IP Ethernet, SMS, GPRS/GSM, MODBUS over RTU & TCP/IP and CANopen networking plus remote access for data acquisition and program download. 2MB Ladder code application memory (plus 12MB for images and 1MB for fonts) enable the Vision570 to run complex control and automation tasks. In addition, the Vision570 can also support propriety protocols over RS232/RS485 and TCP/IP.

Program your Vision570-J via Unitronics’ FREE, intuitive, user-friendly VisiLogic software. This software is provided for free to Unitronics costumers, along with Unitronics’ U90, UniLogic and many other software utilities (Remote Access, DataXport, UniOPC, Uni DDE and more). This FREE software advantage saves users thousands of dollars. In addition, technical support experts are standing by and ready to assist in any situation - free of charge at: support@unitronics.com

For over 20 years, Unitronics has been a global leader in developing and manufacturing PLCs with onboard HMIs. They were pioneers of this market, being one of the first companies to bridge the gap between PLC and HMI; forever changing industrial control processes. OEMs and systems integrators can rely on a single device; all while operating on a minimum of budget, programming time and wiring. Helping customers create the highest quality product, while meeting their budgetary and system requirements, is a top priority for Unitronics.  Today the company can provide innovative products and services worldwide, through a network of global professionals, including a US subsidiary, and over 160 distributors in over 50 countries. 

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