Visualisation app for mobile device operation tasks

03 June 2014

The new Visu+ mobile visualisation app from Phoenix Contact is designed to bring system visualisation to smart phones or tablets, enabling flexible operation and monitoring concepts, with the option of universal access to the system at any time and from any location.

The app brings greater flexibility to control and monitoring tasks by allowing users to use popular consumer devices such as smart phones and tablets. Traditional SCADA functions, including charting of trends and alarm handling, are therefore possible via mobile devices. 

The app is an add-on to the company’s Visu+ visualisation software. The Visu+ Web server required for the app is pre-installed on many devices such as the touch panels from Phoenix Contact. To use the app in conjunction with Visu+, the only step necessary is to add the WEB Visu+ license option to industrial PCs.

Fully expanded, up to two clients can be operated using a touch panel or up to 100 clients using an industrial PC at the same time. The HTML visualisation screens for the app are generated in the development environment of the Visu+ visualisation software, making the app even easier to use. In addition, the software can be easily installed via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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