Power Supply directly next to the load

22 April 2014

Emparro67 power supply units, from murrelektronik, are designed for applications outside the control cabinet and can withstand extreme environmental conditions. This is said to make them a good solution for decentralised installation concepts.

Power loss is reduced to a minimum. Losses can occur if power supply units are used with an output voltage of 24 VDC and the power is supplied to the loads with cables that are too long. However, with Emparro67, the voltage is converted from 230 VAC to 24 VDC directly at the load which means that any power loss is much lower and the energy costs are reduced.
Installing the power supply units outside the cabinet can offer many more benefits: Smaller cabinets can be used, in some applications it may even be possible to completely get rid of the cabinets. 

To make power supply units suitable for extreme environmental conditions Emparro67's compact and rugged metal housing is fully potted and IP67 sealed. Dirt, humidity, and cooling lubricants cannot damage the components. 

The single phase Emparro power supplies for IP20 applications have proven their energy efficiency in many applications. Their active PFC technology is also used in Emparro67. This way, up to 92.4% of the energy applied can be used. 

Emparro67 converts almost no energy into heat, therefore it is always possible to touch the units, even when under full load and in high ambient temperatures.   The units work reliably up to ambient temperatures of 85°C. 

Another feature of Emparro67 is its power boost function. The units supply up to 150% of the nominal current for a period of up to 4 seconds. High capacitive loads can be started without causing voltage drops. An integrated primary fuse provides additional protection of the unit. 

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