Updated process control software shrinks plant testing and commissioning times

11 February 2014

Invensys has unveiled a new version of its SimSci advanced process control software which will be launched in this Spring. We are told that the APC 2014 will enable customers to shorten their plant testing and commissioning schedules and improve plant operations and personnel performance.

Built from the ground up to emphasise ease of use the solution aims to modernise the graphical user interface while retaining the calculation engine from the company’s Connoisseur APC offering. 

The new SimSci APC 2014 software is structured around an enhanced, natural workflow that includes full support for model case file development and a connection wizard for faster integration to any DCS and PLC, including the Foxboro I/A Series DCS and the new Foxboro Evo process automation system. The software will be even more tightly integrated in future releases of the Foxboro Evo system to provide enhanced simulation capability. 
“Advanced process control can result in tremendous improvements in plant efficiency and performance, but it is largely under-utilised, in part because some potential users find it too much of a challenge,” said Peter Reynolds, senior consultant with the ARC Advisory Group. “Invensys addresses this issue head on, with new graphical interfaces, intuitive workflows and custom calculation engines. Making optimization easier will empower both seasoned APC users and the next generation of engineers and operators to address a wider range of process conditions and business challenges.”
SimSci APC 2014 software extends the capabilities of the traditional APC offerings to gain more control over the process. One of the new features, Director, allows the control engineer to build custom calculations or add custom supporting controller functions that augment the user’s experience. Natural workflows speed up model building, configuration and deployment, and additional features make the software suitable for a complete APC project implementation. These advances help the transitioning workforce to more easily build and maintain APC applications, and can cut implementation and commissioning time by up to 50%.

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