Single electronic circuit protector for load groups

11 February 2014

E-T-A Circuit Breakers has introduced a new version of its compact ESX10 electronic overcurrent protection product for selective disconnection of 24V DC load systems in automation applications.

The new 16A version ESX10-TB is said to be the first device on the market capable of protecting groups of loads with a total current of up to 16A using a single circuit protector. Designed to reduce downtime and make operatives safer on production lines, the ESX10-TB is ready for direct rail mounting, singly or in groups. Single or group signalisation is quickly attainable. 

The ESX10 electronic circuit breakers provide electronic overcurrent protection according to UL2367 for 24V DC control circuits and load currents from 05A to 16A. In the event of overload or a short circuit, the faulty load will be disconnected electronically by means of a mosfet in the output circuit of the protector. This ensures selective disconnection of 24V DC switch-mode power supply (SMPS) loads while optimally matching the application requirements.

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