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Vision Sensors, Vision Infrared, Vision Identification and Accessories from Balluff

10 February 2014

Vision Sensors, Vision Infrared, Vision Identification and Accessories from Balluff.

Balluff BVS vision based sensor provides reliable error proofing and quality inspection anywhere. Included within the range are standard and advanced and infrared vision sensors as well as vision identification that read both bar codes and data matrix. The Balluff BVS Vision Sensor and Sensor Identification range is supported by specially design accessories which include inspection monitors, vision lighting, protective housings and 3D sensor holders.

BVS Vision sensors are ideal where you need multiple monitoring functions at the same time or if you need to switch between monitoring functions really quickly.Changeovers are possible at all times - even during the process itself. The BVS-E standard offers 20 inspection memory slots and a free choice between seven independent tools that can be freely rotated. Up to 25 characteristics can be programmed per inspection. The BVS-E advanced sensor is designed for fast and challenging applications. As well as offering all features of the standard version, the additionally 360° position tracking monitors the rotational position, detecting an object regardless of the location and position. All configured inspections are also compensated for the parts rotation, minimising the need to tightly fixture parts, while reducing setup costs. The added output logic functionality provides the ability to link any tool or combination of tools to any output.This allows the inspection to be customised to any production situation where simple inspection results are not enough.

Inspection and read processes for vision sensors can be impaired by changing ambient light. Simultaneously, employees and technicians are often bothered by the pulsing light of normal vision sensors. But with the NEW BVS-E Infrared you do not have to have such problems. Because the BVS-E vision sensor with infrared lighting and integrated light filter prevents this in advance. Its light is invisible to the human eye, so that it can't bother the operator. And its integrated light filter ensures that most ambient light cannot get in. This increases the read quality and the reliability of the inspection, so that process reliability also increases.

The BVS-E identification sensors read all common codes, whether they are 1D codes(barcodes) or 2D codes (data matrix codes). Text and number strings and the code plain text are verified using OCV. The result tells you whether the inspection was OK or Not OK. If you also require the read code data, you can output it via serial RS232 and Ethernet interfaces.This means that you can track which parts have been processed.

Inspection sensor monitor visualises sensor images and inspection results and displays process statistics in a clear overview graphic. Unwanted deviations are therefore detected instantly.In addition, the monitor enables the modification of inspection characteristics without a PC, making time-consuming setting tasks unnecessary. It's also really easy to switch between two checks. The multilingual user interface of the monitor is intuitive and easily operated using buttons.

Other accessories within the BVS Range are the new cost and energy saving ring lights which form part of an existing range of high-quality, industrial-strength lights. Also available is an optional housing for splash water areas,this has an IP 67 protection and also provides safe protection during long-term use in harsh environments. A further new addition is the new 3D Sensor Holder with Quick-Change Plate this is a real multi-talent because it can also accept other sensors of similar size. The first holders are already being used successfully in the plants of renowned automakers.

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