Ultrasonic technology added to sensor range

14 January 2014

With its U500 sensor, Baumer has expanded its range of NextGen sensors to include ultrasonic technology. The new sensors use the same design and are the same size as  the series U500 electronic counterparts. 

This OneBox design principle applies to every sensor and aims to offer greater flexibility during the planning phase. 

Also, modifications to a system might require the sensors to be exchanged. The OneBox design, allows this to be achieved quickly and easily without any additional conversion measures. 

While photoelectric sensors are suited to applications with very small objects and high speed, thanks to their precise light spot, the advantage of ultrasonic sensors is that they detect almost every object. They do not depend on colour, characteristics or transparency, even under harsh conditions with large amounts of dirt.

The U500 has a special place in the range of ultrasonic sensors due to its versatile performance. It offers the longest range in its class - 1000mm - with many application possibilities. Its fast response times also increase flexibility. A further advantage is the narrow, symmetrical sonic beam. It has a diameter of only 80mm at an object distance of 500mm. This allows the sensor to be used in applications with very compact dimensions.

Its IP67 housing and new transducer also contribute to making the U500 an extremely resilient sensor. It is unaffected by dirt, water droplets or even cleaning agents. The versatility is also shown by the availability of the U500 in three sensor principles - as a proximity switch, distance measuring sensor and reflective light barrier.

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