Dual contained pipework system protects water treatment works

07 January 2014

A dual contained pipework system, Durapipe Guardian, has been installed as part of a refurbishment project at Rivington Water Treatment Works.

A United Utilities facility, Rivington Water Treatment Works was undergoing an upgrade to its plant, which included the replacement of pumps. Contractors, Byzak were tasked with installing a reliable pipework solution to feed the new pumps.

The pumps are utilised in the water chlorinating process and so the pipework was needed to transport sodium hypochloride from the bulk storage tanks to each of the seven new pumps. A pipework system that could safely transport the specified chemical substance was needed. Durapipe Guardian was considered to be the most effective solution.

The pipework was being installed in the ceiling voids of the plant so, due to the nature of the chemicals being carried, it was vital that the system was dual contained to prevent any potential leakages spilling out into the plant and endangering unprotected workers. 

Byzak opted for the Durapipe Guardian system because of its chemical resistance properties and ease of installation. Its corrosion resistant properties also ensure that the pipework system operates effectively over the lifetime of the system, reducing maintenance and replacement costs. 

Commenting on the project, David Fielding from Byzak, said: “Sourcing a secondary containment system was imperative for this project to ensure the health and safety of those working at the plant.” 

Durapipe Guardian is said to be the only dual containment system that provides a solid inner pipe fitting, making it easier to install as the inner pipe is in a fixed position and can be easily jointed, compared with alternative dual containment products where the inner section moves freely. 

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