Low harmonics drive

10 December 2013

Invertek Drives used the SPS/IPC/Drives event to introduce the latest development to its range of compact variable speed drives, the HVAC Eco.

This dedicated ‘low harmonics’ drive is said to employ the latest technology to minimise harmonics of the incoming mains power supply, which can be created by non-linear loads, such as AC drives - resulting in improved performance and efficiency.

Harmonic currents are a frequent cause of power quality problems and consequently are subject to increasing regulation and legislation. The HVAC Eco can reduce harmonic current distortion to below 30% iTHD (Total Harmonic Current Distortion) in most cases, while increasing efficiency by reducing input current levels and negating the need for additional components such as AC Line chokes.

The HVAC Eco has been developed to provide compliance with the requirements of standards EN 61000-3-12 in Europe - introduced to encourage end users to monitor the harmonics produced on their site and take steps to minimise the effects. This also greatly assists in complying with other global or national standards.

In recognition of the growing use of new motor designs and technologies to meet ever increasing global efficiency targets, HVAC Eco has been designed to work with both Permanent Magnet (PM) and Synchronous Reluctance (SynRM) motors, as well as traditional induction motors, bringing additional energy savings.

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