Version control company joins the e-F@ctory Alliance

25 November 2013

AUVESY GmbH & Co KG has joined the e-F@ctory Alliance, a Mitsubishi Electric Europe partner initiative with the aim of offering industry market-leading industrial automation solutions.

German-based AUVESY are experts in automated backup and version control of software used in manufacturing and production environments.

Version control has become important for ensuring reliable productivity, because plants constantly evolve with the addition of new hardware and software, reconfiguration, repairs, etc. Over the lifetime of a plant a great many changes – large and small – will happen, particularly to the controlling software and this can make management of the software a difficult task to achieve manually.

A good solution is the use of an automated system for software and data management, version control and backup. Mitsubishi and AUVESY have worked together to integrate versiondog – automated versioning software – with Mitsubishi’s GX Works2 configuration and programming software.

versiondog controls and manages the automation environments by ensuring that the user always knows which version of a software program is running, where the backup version is and what changes have been made over the life period of the project. Additionally, the changes are traceable and documented including reason for changes. A useful function allows for version comparison by graphical presentation, supporting the operator to achieve a quick and user-friendly overview of the version differences.

Commenting on the move, Thomas Lantermann, senior business development manager at Mitsubishi Electric’s Factory Automation – European Business Group, said: “AUVESY adds a vital solution to the Alliance’s offer,” he said. “With productivity high on the agenda for nearly all manufacturing companies, unscheduled downtime due to poor software management is unacceptable. For example, if you are running an automotive plant that is reconfigured regularly, a pharmaceutical line where data integrity and traceability are paramount, or indeed any sort of automated facility, Mitsubishi Electric and AUVESY, partner of the e-F@ctory Alliance, can help ensure ongoing reliability through first class data management.”

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