Rugged PLC requires less protection

16 October 2013

A new PLC, the AC500-XC from ABB, is protected against a wide variety of threats including high and low temperatures, high humidity, low air pressure, salt mist and hazardous gases, and vibration and shock.

 This can help to eliminate the need for protective enclosures with special seals, HVAC, shock absorbers, and EMC protection, which can help to reduce system-building costs.
The embedded protection features ensure that PLC-based control systems using the AC500-XC stay functional and reliable even when operating in hostile environments.

The AC500-XC PLC is a version of the company's modular AC500 PLC. Almost all of the modules in the range are available in an XC (eXtreme Conditions) version, offering a modular control platform with flexibility and scalability.

The XC PLCs also run the same program code as the AC500, allowing users to migrate easily to more robust solutions.

Embedded environmental protection opens up further application potential for the PLC range. Extended temperature operation allows the PLCs to operate in temperatures from -30 to +70 degrees C, with reliable system start-ups promised in temperatures as low as -400 degrees C. The circuit boards have been coated to protect them from high levels of humidity. High levels of vibration and shock can also be tolerated, with accelerations up to 4g from random vibrations up to 500Hz, or 2g from sinusoidal vibration. The PLC is capable of operating at altitudes up to 4,000m. It also offers extended EMC protection against voltage surges and fast transients, as well as electrostatic discharge.

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