CAN repeaters reduce wiring costs and increase reliability

03 September 2013

HMS Industrial Networks has introduced a range of CAN repeaters under its recently acquired IXXAT brand. The integrated galvanic isolation also provides a built-in protection against over voltage and the anti-noise circuit of the units eliminates the effects of EMI.

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IXXAT repeaters are designed for use in industrial environments, meeting high demands for robustness, temperature ranges and safety. The use of a repeater makes it possible to build independent electric segments that can be optimally terminated in terms of signals.

The repeater is said to help increase system reliability, partly because it increases the signal quality, and partly because it makes it possible to isolate malfunctions – keeping the remaining CAN-system fully operational.

The CAN repeaters are used for isolation in case of a lightning strike and to refresh signals to use 1/ 2 ow-service slip-rings. CAN repeaters are a great tool for any system integrator or machine builder working with CAN since it allows them to substantially reduce wiring complexity and improve system reliability.”

The repeaters come in different variants, for copper and fiber-optic wiring.

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