Upgraded motor control solutions for compressed air system

13 August 2013

Avelair, a compressed air system manufacturer, is seeing improved motor management control, data availability and safety enhancements, thanks to Simocode Pro V motor control solution from Siemens Industry.

Avelair Compressed Air Solutions had a clear objective - to upgrade the motor control and protection system on its range of compressed air systems. It turned to Siemens Industry and its Simocode Pro V motor control solution for the answer. As a result, its compressed air systems now benefit from enhanced flexible motor control management features, better data and diagnostic access, improved safety and reduced costs.

In support of its continuous improvement programme, the Avelair management team wanted to enhance its market offering by improving the motor control and safety protection features of its systems.

Peter Costello from Siemens Industry explains further: “Avelair approached our support team to discuss its requirements. They wanted a motor control solution that could replace the old relay based system and one that could also communicate to the end customer’s BMS (Building System) via a communications network such as Profibus to provide essential operating data and system diagnostic. After discussing their needs, we agreed the Simocode Pro V motor management and control device would provide the additional features and benefits sought.”

Simocode Pro V offers the ability to communicate with high level building management system PLCs, save costs in the way of reduced panel wiring and provide easier access to motor operating data and fault messages for diagnostics via an operator panel. This is in addition to a proven reduction in build time and provision of a foundation for a standardised approach to future investment. These were all improvements meeting the brief from Avelair.

The Simocode device could replace all of the existing controls in less space so that the original control cubicle could still be used with spare capacity for any future additions. Another advantage was that the existing operator pushbuttons and indicating lamps could be replaced by one small standardised operator panel with text display giving easy-to-understand error and data messages.

Simocode can incorporate both digital and analogue systems into one unit, reducing the need to add extra hardware, and also meaning essential data such as current, pressure and fault messages can be available via the Profibus communications network linked to the building management system PLC for constant review by personnel. This provides accurate, real-time access to critical plant operating information. But the addition of another feature via Simocode further enhanced the solution for Avelair.

Peter Costello concludes: “Another important factor for the control package solution for Avelair was Simocode’s ability to include an integrated safety relay function eliminating the requirement for a separately mounted relay. This ensures emergency stop functionality can run alongside the other customer benefits such as improved diagnostics, data and plant availability. It has given the business a powerful and cost effective combination of motor control and essential information accessibility – without any increase in build time or wiring costs.”

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