Vibration analyser promises faster data collection and analysis

18 June 2013

Emerson Process Management has introduced the CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyser, the next generation of its portable tool for analysing machinery vibration to detect potential problems before they lead to unplanned downtime.

The new analyser is said to build on the capabilities of the CSI 2130, to provide new four-channel simultaneous data collection functionality, wireless and Bluetooth communication, and a full-colour touchscreen. The CSI 2140 is also said to deliver the fastest route collection capability on the market.

Data collection is over 50% faster than with other analysers, minimising the time spent in uncomfortable or dangerous environments and allowing technicians to complete the collection more quickly. The screen can be read in both direct sunlight and dark areas, and auto-adjusts based on ambient lighting.

With over 50% of mechanical issues being caused by bearing wear, effective monitoring of bearing health is a key component of a reliability programme. With four-channel data collection, users can collect vertical, horizontal, and axial readings on a bearing at the same time. Using this data and Emerson’s PeakVue technology, reliability technicians can detect compromised bearing performance earlier than with any other measurement technique. In addition, advanced diagnostics embedded in the CSI 2140 help users drive to the root cause of mechanical issues.

Most vibration programs require a cabled connection to the plant asset database in order to upload data for analysis. The CSI 2140, however, can send collected data wirelessly from the field to the office.

Additional CSI 2140 capabilities enable users to perform single, dual, or four-channel vibration analysis, cross-channel analysis, transient analysis, structural analysis, AC electric motor monitoring, and four-plane dynamic balancing – providing a complete, easy-to-use tool for fast, accurate assessment of rotating machinery health.

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