Calibrator and HART/Foundation Fieldbus communicator with intuitive swipe screen

04 June 2013

The new Druck DPI 620 Genii advanced modular calibrator and HART/Foundation Fieldbus Communicator, from GE’s Measurement & Control, is said to offer state-of-the-art calibration, communication and data integration using a smart interface with swipe and touch commands for fast, intuitive and intelligent mobile workflow.

The DPI 620 Genii comprises four system components which provide the multi-functionality to perform duties that, traditionally, would require a variety of different instruments.

At its heart is a compact electrical, frequency and temperature calibrator that is able to measure and source mA, mV, V, Ohms, frequency and a variety of RTDs and thermocouples.
Genii also offers full HART communications capability through a suite of communications protocols. The DPI Genii also supports Foundation Fieldbus communications, giving engineers a range of options for newer plants as well as more traditional infrastructures. The data integration capability of the new DPI 620 Genii is said to allow engineers to transfer data electronically, speeding up the process and minimising errors.

Pressure measurement is provided by interchangeable pressure modules that attach to the calibrator via a carrier, while the calibrator and pressure modules can also be attached to a pressure generation station to form a fully integrated pressure calibrator.

Three pressure stations are available, so that pneumatic pressure from 95% vacuum to 20 bar or up to 100 bar can be generated, while hydraulic pressure capability is from 0 to 1000 bar.

Commenting on the launch, Mike Shelton, product manager at GE Measurement & Control, a GE Oil & Gas division, said: “Genii is the first portable calibrator with an intuitive swipe screen interface that delivers incredible productivity with fast menu options and task functions. This compact electrical, temperature and pressure calibrator enables technicians to leave the office to work on the plant or in the field with full functionality. It also plays a vital role in providing the historical data needed for safety compliance and quality auditing, saving time and money while helping to exceed standards.”

Additionally, the new 4sight calibration and maintenance software provides enterprise-wide visibility and management control of all calibration and maintenance tasks delivering a reduction in running costs. 

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