IO-Link mapping guide for sercos released

20 May 2013

sercos international, supplier of the sercos automation bus, has published a new guide for the standardised mapping of IO-Link devices to the sercos automation bus.

IO-Link is a low level, point-to-point communication interface technology for interconnection of binary and analogue sensors and actuators. This user guide helps the automation engineer to uniformly connect and integrate sensors and actuators equipped with an IO-Link interface into a sercos system.

An IO-Link master can be realised either as part of a modular sercos slave I/O device or as a stand-alone sercos III slave. The cyclic data of all inputs and outputs of IO-Link slaves are either transmitted completely within a cyclic IO container or alternatively as separate parameters. The sercos parameter channel can be used in order to execute acyclic read/write access with regard to the addressed IO-Link slave devices.

The IO-Link mapping user guide can be accessed by registering on the sercos specification server at

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