A cost-effective solution for remote equipment monitoring

07 May 2013

UK company, InVMA, has launched a new machine to machine (M2M) service. InVMA Asset Minder uses a connection device to access data within equipment controllers and then transmits the data over industrial grade 2/3/4G data telephony to a cloud-based server.

The cloud system handles data aggregation and information processing, with secure user access to information through any web browser, anywhere, and equipment alarms pushed by SMS, email or telephone.

Such technology can solve the problem of monitoring remote and often unmanned assets located away from a plant or facility network. Applications could include monitoring of industrial compressors, generators, power distribution, building automation, tank farms, energy monitoring, bore hole abstraction, effluent discharge and anything that may be considered as requiring 'remote PLC access'.

InVMA Asset Minder is said be cost effective to acquire and operate as it is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS), with no initial large capital outlay. InVMA undertakes installation and integration of their intelligent connector, which non-intrusively accesses data from the equipment's controller and prepares it for onward transmission to the cloud based host via 2/3/4G secure data connectivity. Access to the data is via a user's browser, with alerting by email and SMS. The available information is a rich set of live data, trends, history, alarms and status – available in real time – anywhere.

Commenting on the offer, Patrick Nash, managing director of InVMA, said: “InVMA Asset Minder was developed to meet actual and predictable remote equipment access requirements for our customers. We have a mixture of end-users and OEM customers and each sees the benefit of the InVMA Asset Minder system; this always involves decreased unplanned downtime and the resulting increase in customer satisfaction.

“OEM service managers can readily obtain information about their remote assets and anticipate out-of-schedule servicing, become aware of critical trends and can remotely diagnose equipment stoppages. End users receive operational KPI benefits from improved supplier insight and, where they undertake their own system support, they can now access off-site and remote assets for continuous monitoring.”

InVMA Asset Minder is a complete system – from data acquisition to user interface – it can interface to all PLC’s and many other controllers, gateways and intelligent devices.


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