Optical pressure switch with no moving parts

05 April 2013

The new O500 series optical sensors from Baumer are said to combine durability and safe and easy operation.

Ease of operation is a particular feature, with the new qTeach procedure being used to teach in sensors. Touching the teach-in surface with any ferromagnetic tool is enough to program the sensor. A blue LED light provides clear optical feedback. To prevent user errors, qTeach locks autonomously after five minutes.

In contrast to conventional mechanical pressure switches, the Series O500 qTeach has no moving parts which fully elimi-nates any signs of long-term wear.

The new performance category of optical sensors includes three types of sensors. One is the diffuse sensor with background suppression, which guarantees the maximum functional reliability during object detection. Another is the retro-reflective sen-sor for reflective surfaces. It stands out primarily due to its exceptionally long service life thanks to increased dirt resistance.

Finally, SmartReflect, the light barrier that operates completely without any separate reflector. With SmartReflect, downtimes due to a defective reflector do not occur, we are told.

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