SCADA software service pack adds multi-touch capabilities

02 April 2013

InduSoft Inc has released the first free-of-charge service pack for its SCADA software InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 which adds multi-touch development capabilities for touch-screen enabled devices.

Unlike traditional touch screen designs, multi-touch systems can recognise the position of several touch contacts and finger movements (gestures) at the same time. Without a keyboard or point device, users are able to navigate screens and issue commands for an entire system.

Training time is reduced because many gestures, such as Zoom and Pan, function in the same way as they do for smartphones and tablet devices. Besides lowering training time, multi-touch technology provides much faster execution of commands. The average multi-touch screen users finish an action three times faster than they would by using a keyboard and pointing device.

Above all, multi-touch capability can improve safety. Certain actions may require operators to keep their hands away from a machine; the multi-touch screen can be configured to require users to have both hands on the screen before the command can be executed.
In addition to multi-touch development capabilities, InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 also offers an enhanced mobile access client and new language interfaces, including Spanish, for the development environment.

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