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SMS relay with enhanced features

15 March 2013

The GSM-PRO relay module from Contaclip provides a remote control & maintenance solution that can signal changes of inputs and outputs through text messages and email.

The email function allows for a better overview of messages and makes it easier to collate and sort alarm and status reports.  It is possible to configure the unit to work using your own server or alternatively the Contaclip server can handle all the email functions without any extra cost or third party involvement.

All 8 inputs can be configured as digital or analogue (0-10VDC) and the unit has an operating voltage of between 10...30Vdc so is also suited for mobile applications.  It is also possible to link 4 of the inputs directly to the 4 change over relay outputs to give some simple logic function.

GSM-PRO now has a built-in hours counter for the digital inputs as well as a full event data log that can be easily downloaded or sent automatically by email.

Programming of the GSM-PRO could not be easier.  The software is free to download and the unit can be remotely programmed from anywhere in the world providing you have an internet connection.  This negates the need for site visits to update any user settings or firmware.

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