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Lenze FAST Software cuts machine development times

15 March 2013

The task of creating software is an important element for designers and devel-opers of new machines, taking up significant time and costs.  The new Lenze ‘FAST’ application software introduces standard pre-configured modules that can be applied easily.  These modules cover up to 80% of machine software requirements, and in this area they can cut the programming time by 75%.  Fif-teen modules cover tasks such as motion (positioning and synchronising), registration, cam profiling, t

The use of standardised software modules makes programming easier and faster as developers will quickly become familiar with the program styles.  Machine motion and control functions are contained in individual modules which are autonomous.  They can be chosen, exchanged and tested completely independently.  Available within the Lenze L-force programming environment, the modules are low cost or in some cases free of charge.

Lenze FAST software suits all types of machinery where motion is controlled by fre-quency inverters or servo drives.  As an example, a form, fill and seal packaging ma-chine could take advantage of up to 8 modules.  These include tension control and registration for the film, cam profile for the fill, temperature control and motion for the seal and product spacing on the conveyor.  Each module is self-contained but can be easily integrated with others for a complete solution.

For a typical new machine development with drives, Lenze FAST modules cover up to 80% of the software requirements.  Here FAST can reduce the time required by a factor of 4, not only reducing costs but also freeing up time for other essential tasks.  The consistent software structure helps to reduce errors in programming and makes it practical for Lenze engineers worldwide to help easily with any problems in the field.

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