Helping Seba Developments to keep temperature under control

01 March 2013

Compact temperature controllers supplied by Omron have been employed by Seba Developments, a UK-based manufacturer of heating equipment for the industrial and craft markets.

The E5CN temperature controllers, which are used on more than 75% of the products in the Seba Developments range, were for their versatility, attractive appearance, convenient USB programming option and competitive pricing. The quality and reliability of the support provided by Omron was also a key factor in the decision.

Seba Developments designs and manufactures products as diverse as solder baths, large wax melting systems and vulcanizing presses. Almost all of the company’s products involve the controlled application of heat from electrically powered heating elements. Most also depend on accurate and reliable temperature control for their correct functioning.

“The Omron E5CN controllers were an ideal choice for us as they are exceptionally versatile,” explained Richard Whiteoak of Seba Developments. “That meant we could use the same family of controllers across the whole of our product range, which is obviously a big benefit. In addition, we have found them to be easy to use and very dependable in operation, which are again big benefits, not only for us but also for our customers.”

Recently, Omron has brought out a new family of compact temperature controllers – the E5CC range – which can offer further benefits. The new controllers, for example, have large white easy-to-read PV displays, and have even greater functionality than their predecessors, including the ability to handle inputs from an exceptionally wide range of temperature sensors.

They retainthe same 48 x 48 mm dimensions as the previous models, which allows them to be used in existing applications without the need for any design changes. A benefit of the new E5CC controllers, which has proved particularly useful to Seba Developments, is the option of setting up the units via a USB connection to a standard PC. When this option is used, the controller derives its power from the USB port, and needs no separate supply connections.

Seba Developments has produced sets of temperature control parameters for each of its machines and has stored these on a laptop PC. This means that when the Seba Developments engineers want to set up an E5CC temperature controller for a particular application, all they have to do is connect the controller to the laptop with a plug-in USB cable and download the appropriate parameter set to the controller. Not only is this operation fast and easy, it also eliminates the possibility of setting errors. After the parameters have been loaded, the controller can then be installed in the product for which it is intended, where it is ready for immediate use without further setting or adjustment.

Another feature of the new controllers which is proving useful to Seba Developments is the lockout function. When this function is enabled, a very specific sequence of key presses is needed to gain access to the controller settings. This makes it almost impossible for the end users of Seba Developments products to change the settings accidentally.

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