Web-based remote PLC monitoring solution

14 February 2013

Crouzet, a manufacturer of automation control components, has specified the use of HMS Industrial Network´s Netbiter as a remote management solution for its latest generation of micro PLCs, providing users of the Millenium 3 Smart micro PLCs with instant access to data on their field equipment over the web.

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An early adopter of the technology solution is Swedish-based Triplesign, where the solution is used to monitor alternating billboards. With Netbiter, it is possible to see the status of each billboard and to remotely control which message to display. “I have been working with the Millenium 3 logic controllers for some time and the fact that the Netbiter solution had a ready-made template for this micro PLC was a great advantage,” explained the sales and marketing director at Triplesign. “We simply connect the Netbiter unit to the Millenium 3 and all parameters show up immediately in a web browser.”

A Netbiter EasyConnect gateway is connected to the Millenium 3 micro PLC in the field. The gateway communicates with a cloud-based data center called Netbiter Argos, where the data is collected and stored. By logging into Netbiter Argos, users can see the status of the Millenium 3, and thereby their own devices, in a web dashboard. They can also receive alarms and notifications if necessary.

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