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STEMMER IMAGING to offer Smart 3D laser distance sensors

05 February 2013

Gocator 3D smart laser distance sensors from LMI Technologies are available from STEMMER IMAGING. Designed for high resolution measurement over ranges up to 2 metres, the self-contained Gocator 1100 and 1300 Series of 3D displacement sensors provide high speed, non-contact dimensional measurements such as distance, height, thickness, or surface roughness.

With scan rates up to 32 kHz, the Gocator Displacement Sensors are ideal for automating non-contact distance measurement processes and real-time closed loop control. Completely self-contained in an IP67-rated enclosure with integrated laser & optics, the new smart sensors provide laser measurement & data processing in a single unit. The sensors are delivered pre-calibrated and are ready to deliver real world measurements straight from the box. No additional hardware is required to generate decisions based on the measurements.
Users can easily set up, measure, and control with the same industry leading web based interface found in the well-established Gocator 3D smart Profile Sensors, and a host of measurement tools are included. An open source SDK is also provided for custom application development. Gocator Displacement Sensors are scalable up to multi-sensor systems and connect to PLCs using industry standard protocols. Their compact size allows them to be easily mounted on a robot arm.

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