SmartReflect light barrier wins innovation award

15 January 2013

SmartReflect, a light barrier without reflector, produced by Baumer, has been presented with a New Product Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan.

‘SmartReflect offers numerous benefits for industrial customers and is a proof of how technological innovations can significantly improve productivity in manufacturing,’ said Frost & Sullivan.

“SmartReflect addresses the need for a robust light barrier solution, in a diverse range of industrial environments, which have non of the disadvantages associated with more conventional sensors,” noted Emil Lazarski, research analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

With the SmartReflect light barriers, the light beam – in contrast to a retro-reflective or through beam sensor – is set up between the sensor and a machine part, for example. An object interrupts the light beam and triggers the sensor. The only condition is that there must be a background, for example any machine part, in the sensing distance of the sensor. In this way the separate reflector becomes superfluous and a common weak point is rectified. SmartReflect variants can use the same principle to detect transparent objects such as bottles, trays or even foils.

Frost & Sullivan also noted that the product is capable of enabling a high return on investment due to savings in maintenance costs. “As there is no need to replace reflectors, downtime is reduced and productivity is improved. SmartReflect not only ensures substantial reduction in operating costs, but also cost savings due to easier installation, commissioning and alignment,” said Lazarski.

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